Thinking about back then... 


I was only 19 years old when The Literature Bug (my previous platform) was born. I was studying English as an Undergrad in the small town of Keene, NH, and was overwhelmed with inspiration and passion for what I was reading, writing and learning. At first, my blog was a place I needed in order to save the language and the photos that inspired me so that I couldn’t lose them. Eventually though, I began experimenting with writing blog posts of my own and immediately had dreams of The Literature Bug becoming something more than my own personal time capsule. Soon after graduation, and in between working my Summer at the farm and planning a move to the city, the blog became a place where I shared my inspirations with others; a place where essentially anyone who loved books, writing and reading as much as I did, could indulge. 

Now, something you’ll grow to learn about me, is that I am a perfectionist at heart. The proof is in the four separate times I “re-launched” the blog with a new look etc., in hopes it would turn out the way I had envisioned the first time. Thats not to say I was failing per say; three-to-four years in I had a growing subscriber count on both the blog and the YouTube channel, and was keeping up with all of the “bookish” trends... but after the change of moving to the city where my fiancé  Bryer and I would start out lives together, I guess I was realizing just how complex, unexpected, and challenging every day life as a country girl in the big city could be. I also realized just how little I was able to read while navigating the craziness of it all, and how drastic the amount of content I had to share had changed on that level... 

Bringing us into the now...


The written side of The Literature Bug took a break this last year, and after working through navigating my career path (still an ongoing process), and working through all that comes with growing and learning who you are as a twenty-something, I’ve decided that I have much more to share with others than just books, and that I have built the perfect platform to do so. Right here. Where you are now. 

I have brought life to She’s Wildly Capable before the start of this new year, because I strive to create a community that acts as both a support system and a motivational platform for any woman who needs to know she isn’t alone in feeling like she isn’t quite sure where to go next, or what to read next, or wear next... I want to share the things that are real and relatable, and show you where my struggles are, but also where my passions lie, and what my strengths are! 

My hope is that this blog won’t only act as an outlet for me, but that it will become something you will all be passionate about as well; something you can carry with you always and share with those who are important to you. Here I will always write with my intentions set for fulfillment, growth, health and overall happiness. And don’t fret! There will still be plenty of book talk! 

I thank all of you sincerely for stopping in and hope you’ll join me in exploring all that being a woman, and a human being in general, has to offer! 

xoxo Autumn 

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