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Behind the Brand 


Growing up our cats were always our best friends - parts of our family. Each one of them has had their own unique personality and set of quirks, and has held a special place in my and my family’s heart. 

I have been telling my fiancé for years now how frustrating it is to go into the pet stores (chain or independent) and struggle to find a large selection of cute and versatile items for the cats. Where are the toys outside of the normal jingling ball or fake mouse? Where are the bandanas, bows, or costumes for those of us who like Halloween a little too much? A decent collar with a cute print on it? Not much there. 


Over time I have observed the massive selection of things that dog Moms and Dads have to choose from, and though I have tried to adapt those small dog options for my cats at home, it is usually with little luck. I needed something more suited to my feline fur babies. One day I was going to make it happen, and that day has come sooner than I thought! 

Our Mission 

Monk & Dodi's mission is to provide eclectic and fun items for the felines in your life, where to date, that has been lacking. But we don’t want to stop there! We want to make sure that all of your family members have something fun to wear, you know... those things that make the cheesy holiday photos of your dreams come to life! 

Through our line of hand sewn/crafted cat toys, bandanas, bow ties, and collars, inspired by our furry loves, our hope is to promote love, confidence, fun, and most importantly, the concept of family - both the human kind and the furry kind.

Meet the Cats 


Our girl came to us as “Gamora", from the Merrimack River Feline Rescue in Salisbury, MA. She was just a year old and had been living there after being found close to a major highway in Mass. Bryer and I had just moved to a big city, and Bryer had started his PhD. I hadn't found a job yet, was living hours away from family, and hadn’t met any new friends in our area. We decided we needed a fur baby to complete the start of our new adventure, and so we got to looking online for cats up for adoption. 

Though not initially who we had set out to bring home, after spotting her and bonding with her for ten minutes, we had our minds and hearts set, and Nova (we decided on her name in the car that day) came home with us. 


Nova is truly my spirit animal - at now 4 years old, she loves love and being around Bryer and I, but also knows when she wants her own space. She is very independent and it is rare to get a SUPER cuddle session with her; she would rather you get on her level and lay on the carpet in the sun with her for a while and give her some head and neck scratches. The belly is off limits and she HATES begin brushed, but is definitely the most beautiful cat I have ever had. 

Nova has had the nickname “Monkey” or “Monk” since we brought her home. She is the only the second female cat I have ever had, and has the most expressive eyes. 

When she isn’t getting pets, Nova loves sleeping in her beds or on the sun spotted carpet in the bedroom, eating anything poultry or seafood flavored, begging for a chunk of pizza sausage or a lick of ice cream, or torturing bugs and watching birds from the slider. She also finds watching Odin and his antics quite entertaining. 

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Our little “Bubby.” We like to joke that our plan of getting a second cat to help keep Nova company definitely backfired, because although the two have a great sibling bond, Odin is very much a shadow and feels most himself when he is on the lap, back, head, leg, or well... anywhere on his humans or guests! This means we do more entertaining him, than he Nova, and really... I think we all prefer it that way. 

Odin was adopted at an adoption pop-up at Petsmart via Second Chance Animal Shelter in Worcester, MA as “Copper,” and was three years old at the time. We had originally planned to take home a kitten named Odin, but soon realized that his energy was going to be too much for Nova. While playing with the kitten, an older one-eyed cat named Copper kept sticking his hands out to play too. We asked to check him out and soon knew he was meant for our family. 


We re-named Copper, Odin, to pay tribute to our kitten friend, but also because the King of Azgard only has one eye as well! Just seemed fitting. Though we are not sure how Odin lost his eye or acquired his adorable bald patches or crooked ear, we wouldn’t want it any other way. We can only imagine how much he endured before finding his forever home, but truly it has taken no love for people or other animals away from this soulful creature.

Odin is our naughty animal - he keeps us on our toes. As of late, his favorite things are to ruin houseplants, jump on the dining room table while candles are burning, scratch at his reflection in the computer monitors and so on. In his free time he also enjoys playing with paperclips, running up and down the hallway and taking naps in his sun spot. 

We definitely got more than we bargained for with this one... but we look forward to him and Nova growing up with us and our future family for as long as time will allow! 

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