Can You Hear What I Hear? | My Holiday Playlist Top 10

Nothing pumps me up more than doing dishes, laundry, Christmas wrapping, etc. to some familiar Christmas tunes this time of year! There are definitely winter nights where though the day has felt extremely short, I still feel as though I don’t have any energy left in me, and that’s when I throw on some music and catch my second wind!

For me, music has always acted as a form of therapy! I grew up in a household where music was always playing loud enough in someone’s room so that if you sang you couldn’t hear yourself, and where everyone was always fighting over who had control of the radio on the morning trips to school. My Dad was a lead singer in a popular band in New England called Roxx, back in the 1980’s, and was also a phenomenal saxophone player growing up. And though neither my Mom or I ever played an instrument or took up singing professionally, we to have a deep love for music; how nostalgic it can be, and just how beautiful the art form is in general.

I was fortunate to have incredible parents that allowed my siblings and myself to both explore all forms of music and support whatever our “favorites” were at any given time. I was also fortunate that my family always made the holidays a really special time for us kids. My parents were divorced when I was just shy of four years old, but never let that affect the time we spent together as a family. If anything, my brother and I had it made; though it required some traveling and planning in advance, every year for my whole childhood I attended 3 family Christmas parties, had Santa visit two houses, and never went a year without seeing both my Mom and Dad for the holidays.

So many of the songs that I’ve list below were played as I was growing up by my parents while we did fun things like decorate gingerbread houses, play yankee swap or secret Santa with our relatives, decorate the tree, learn how to wrap presents nicely for one another, not to mention during all of the car rides to parties!

I have carried these fond memories of togetherness, love, imagination and magic right into my adult life, and I can’t wait to share the traditions of listening to music while decorating the tree, and making cookies, and playing games with my own children in the near future!

I’ll always believe in the magic of Christmas, and I believe that some of that magic for me definitely lives within the music I listen to throughout the season.

I can typically hold off until after the Thanksgiving holiday before really playing these songs on repeat, but once I find the Christmas station on the radio... Bryer is a goner for sure! No matter how many times I listen to these songs, they don’t get old and I think that when all you have is a comforting and internal happiness tied to a song (or anything else for that matter)... there is no such thing as harm done while replaying all of your favorites; it brings you back to that special place in moments where you might really need it... so I say listen as many times as you desire!

Below are some favorites from when I was little, as well as my favorites that I will listen to every day until Christmas as an adult!


My Top 10 Christmas Songs - All Repeat Worthy!

1. What Christmas Means to Me - Stevie Wonder

2. Christmas Canon - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

3. Baby, It’s Cold Outside - Michael Buble’ and

4. Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town - Bruce Springsteen

5. You Make it Feel Like Christmas - Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton

6. Carol of the Bells - Mykola Dmytrovych Leontovych, John Williams

7. Underneath the Tree - Kelly Clarkson

8. Santa Baby - Ariana Grande, Liz Gillies

9. Someday at Christmas - Stevie Wonder

10. There’s No Place Like Home (Home for the Holidays) - Perry Como

Bonus Songs:

Christmas Nights in Blue - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I’m Getting Nothing for Christmas - The Peter Pan Singers


I would LOVE to add your favorites to my playlist, so dont hesitate to drop them in the comments over on Facebook, or here in a message to me directly! I hope you all can get lost in the magic that the music of Christmas brings this year!

xoxo Autumn