Looking Forward | Goals and Aspirations for 2020

As we roll into 2020, I wanted my first post to be something short, sweet, and concrete. I wanted to lay out some of the goals I have with you all in order to help keep me accountable! I think that those around us are more of a free resource for support and motivation than we think sometimes! Some of my best days are the ones where I am able to converse with others about goals and aspirations and really connect and pull inspiration from those who relate to me. I hope this list will give you a bit of insight as to what I have my mind set on this year, and will help you generate some of your own sets of goals as well!

The start of the new year always gets me excited for re-vamping my routine, and working to generate habits that will push me to be the best version of myself. Whether you believe in “resolutions” or not, if you aren’t setting any goals for yourself it is very easy to find yourself in a lull and plateauing at a level you might not feel great in. One of the most important things I learned in 2019 was to “be comfortable, with being uncomfortable”, and I have carried that mindset into all aspects of my life so that I am able to challenge myself and seek out the opportunities that fall outside of my comfort zone!


That said, here are the top 20 goals I have set for myself for 2020.

1. Stop hitting snooze. Bed early, up early.

2. Vitamins every day.

3. Hydrate. A gallon every day.

4. Date nights every week.

5. Start my Master’s Degree in Communications or Business.

6. Finish my manuscript and send it out for publishing.

7. Healthier eating across the board.

8. Hike 4-5 more 4,000 footers.

9. More reading. Less media.

10. Volunteer my time.

11. Practice “no spend” months to save some extra money.

12. Practice intentional spending and thrifting over fast fashion.

13. Work out regularly and run 1 5k before the year 2020 is up.

14. Meditate and journal daily.

15. Call family more often when I am home in Worcester.

16. Dive more into minimalism when it comes to de-cluttering and organizing my home.

17. Re-vamp the Youtube channel and post more regularly.

18. Take more photos.

19. Incorporate more natural products into our lifestyle and eliminate plastic straws, bags etc. when possible.

20. Visit the theater more often.

These are by no means all of the things that I wish to tackle or incorporate into my life this year, but it is the foundation from which I will explore and branch out, and is a list that I will look at every morning in my journal as a reminder of what I am capable of if I set my mind to it!

Let’s make this the best year yet!

xoxo Autumn