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I honestly can’t believe that after talking about it so much in 2019, Bryer and I are finally moving into a new apartment in just six weeks! We have so much to look forward to, but also SO much work to do in the next month to make sure that things are organized going into the new house. That said, moving is something that we all do at some point in our lives, so I wanted to create a sort of “mini series” here on the blog that would give insight to all the things that go into the process of moving, but then also adjusting to your new home and creating your dream space!

Sometimes moving is something that we have to do which makes things really tough, but when you want to move, it is exciting to really take the time to search for exactly what it is you’re looking for, but that will also fall into your budget! Bryer and I’s “wish list” was fairly obvious to us after spending time in our current space, and luckily our new apartment encompasses some if not all of the things we desired moving forward into this next step!

If you are not sure where to start in drafting up a “wish list” for your new home, consider a few of these that we stuck high on our priority list!


The Top 9

1. More Storage Space.

One of the hardest parts of being in the apartment that we are in currently in is the lack of storage. In our one bedroom place we have one closet in the bedroom, a small linen closet, and a small pantry. We do also have a closet sized storage unit down in the basement of the apartment complex that we live in, but we filled that on day one with extra furniture we were gifted upon moving in that first day... so really it hasn’t been much help in storing holiday decor, off-season clothing etc.

Achieved in the new apartment? Definitely. Moving into this new space, we have gained three more closets and a second bedroom, which is much more than what we are dealing with now. The closets are also a totally different shape and allow easy access to everything that will be stored in there. Thank goodness! I’m hoping this will help us downsize even more after moving!

2. More Counter Space.

I hate the way that our current kitchen is set up. To paint you a picture, if Bryer and I are both in there at the same time trying to make coffee and cook, or wash and put away dishes at the same time, we are bumping butts, and one of us has to wait for the other to get done before proceeding with any task. The fridge is near inaccessible and opens the opposite way it should, and the pantry sits right across from it, so you can’t easily move around in there to get the ingredients you are looking for. Plus, every time you make a meal, it looks as though WWIII has hit! We have two small patches of counter space, enough for a cutting board and our knife set, and the rest is where we keep the dish rack, blender, and Keurig. Another example...I love cooking with the crockpot... but it is very difficult to find space for extra appliances and really get good use of them in the space we have.

Achieved in the new apartment? Yes. Luckily our new kitchen is a square shape vs. a skinny rectangle, and has a more open-concept feel to it, with a cut out that leads right into the living room. We have gained more counter space, and also have access to many more cupboards and a closet that will act as a type of pantry.

3. A Quiet Neighborhood.

The reality of living in a city is that you never really know who you’re going to be dealing with when it comes to neighbors etc. regardless of what neighborhood you’re in. Bryer and I live close enough to Main South that we unfortunately (within the last few months of being here) have experienced a lot of loitering and drug use on the premises, as well as just noise and inappropriate activity from the guy across the way... (I’ll spare you those details). What we wanted this time around was something a bit more out of the way, but still a short enough commute to work and all the city to-dos.

Achieved in the new apartment? Bless! Though still located in the same city, our new apartment is nearer to a body of water and is located in the back end of a residential neighborhood. We no longer will be planted right in the middle of the city, and have a place surrounded by trees and much more privacy! I’m very much looking forward to the quieter atmosphere.

4. Off-Street Parking.

We lucked out at the apartment we have lived in because part of our lease agreement was that we have a designated off-street parking spot, and that isn’t always a guarantee; some have to pay a fee for a year’s worth of parking in a parking garage etc. What I will say is that having only one spot made it difficult to have multiple guests over at a time, especially during the winter months when the city deals with parking bans etc.

Achieved in the new apartment? Our new management company provides us with our own parking spot (designated) as well as two to three other spots that our guests can use whenever they come to visit. They are located behind the building instead of on the street as well which brings peace of mind to everyone, especially when it comes to theft.

5. A Second Bedroom.

For the last 6 months, Bryer and I have had our bedroom set up in our living room (for the more relaxing lighting (no overhead ceiling lighting), for the air conditioning (because it didn’t hit the other side of the house), and also to have somewhere to sit while watching movies (because we donated our couch to a cousin and don’t currently have a “living room”). We replaced the old bedroom with our desks and created an office/get ready space where all the crafts, writing, research etc. happens! Though it has worked for us as a couple... the fact that we don’t have spaces to host people makes me sad, and over all it is more of a dysfunctional set up than not.

Achieved in the new apartment? Yes! Yay! We now have a designated living room, kitchen, bathroom, office and bedroom... all serving the purpose they were built for, and that purpose only!

6. On-Site Laundry.

The laundry on-site at our current apartment is in the dungeon of a basement, and to be honest... was a total money suck. The washer and dryers were so small that in order to do a weeks worth of laundry, we would have to do two or three loads. Total it would have cost us over 12 dollars. Instead we go down the street a ways to a laundromat where the industrial size washers are $6 a load (two weeks EASY if we wait that long) and free dry!

Achieved in the new apartment? Absolutely. A facility downstairs that is FINISHED and has LIGHTING, that has normal sized washer and dryers for a great price. No more lugging laundry around in the car on Sundays!

7. Good Lighting.

As I mentioned above, we don’t have the best “artificial” lighting in the current apartment. The largest space we have has NO lighting at all, and the other lights in the house are very “warm” toned and not the best for when you’re actually trying to see something you’re doing properly.

Achieved in the new apartment? Though we are loosing the four big sets of windows we currently have (being on the top floor and the corner of the building), with the new apartment having a balcony and sliding glass doors in the living room, as well as all of the ceiling lights that we didn’t have before, I would say we are making out pretty great!

8. ALL Pets Allowed.

For Bryer and I, ever giving up Nova and Odin to move somewhere is a big fat NO. What was so hard about finding a place in the city that was within our budget, was also finding a place that would allow cats or pets in general, which was why we looked at apartments through our current management company first before jumping on and searching other places for online listings.

Achieved in the new apartment? Yes. We are leasing through the same management company so Nova and Odin can be registered under the lease and can live safely and comfortably in our new home! It was so funny to go and view the apartments and find out that all the current tenants have cats too. Good cat vibes!

9. A View.

I know I mentioned it above, but WE HAVE A BALCONY! Though our old apartment gave us the illusion of being outside because of being in the corner apartment on the third floor, we didn’t have a place where we could be outside and enjoy coffee or summer nights without packing up and making a trip out of it. The new apartment has a small balcony in the back which will be amazing not only because it is a more private area, but because we can fit a small set of chairs, a grill, some flower and veggie plants in flower boxes, and even a bird feeder for the cats to watch out there! I can’t wait to open up the doors and windows and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on all those warm days that are coming!


Thanks so much for reading! I hope that this was thought provoking and insightful, especially if you are looking for a new space and are wondering what things you should consider before taking the plunge and signing anything! I am so excited to share the rest of this process with you all, and I hope you all are well!

xoxo Autumn

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