Son of a Nutcracker! | 2019 Holiday Favorites

Can anyone else relate to how difficult it is to come up with your “favorite” anything, on command? It’s funny just how much our favorite things can change as we grow, and it gets me thinking just how crazy the idea of a favorite can actually be! Is something really a “favorite” if the next year, you’ve decided on something different?

fa·vor·ite /ˈfāv(ə)rət/

adjective preferred before all others of the same kind.

Two years ago on The Literature Bug, the first post I published for my version of the “12 Days of Blogmas" was a Holiday Favorites, and I thought today it would be fun to put this “favorites” idea to the test, and really reflect back on my answers to some of the holiday themed questions!

1. Favorite activity to do during the holidays?

2017 - Plan get togethers and parties for groups of friends and family.


2019 - Along the same lines... I would have to say that this year, my favorite activity has been baking and decorating cupcakes, cookies, etc. to share with everyone at these parties I get to host.

The holidays bring out the best in so many people who otherwise struggle to find the magic in every day life. I love getting groups of friends and family together to let everyone mingle over good food, drink, and a cozy setting! Nothing better.

2. Favorite seasonal drink?

2017 - Anything peppermint.


2019 - Apple Cider Mimosas have proven INCREDIBLY tasty this season, but for every day drinking, I am loving the new sugar free, dairy free, hot chocolate recipe I found!

I am a person that definitely struggles to say no to the sweets when the holidays roll around, but I have also set some goals for myself moving into the new year, that I want to keep at the forefront of my mind! Getting online to check out new recipes (I head right for Pinterest) is a great way to find alternatives for things you might want to stay away from this season!

3. Favorite Christmas movie?

2017 - The Santa Clause (1994) starring Tim Allen


2019 - It's a Wonderful Life (1946) starring James Stewart

I will always bounce back and fourth between the two. I love The Santa Clause because the magic is forever unfolding throughout the whole show; “Seeing isn’t believing; believing is seeing.” And It's a Wonderful Life can make me cry from the second it starts. I love how “human” the movie is; relatable and heart warming. I’m routing for George and Clarence from the very beginning!

4. Favorite Christmas memory?

2017 - Seems as though I had a hard time narrowing it down...I listed 9 different memories!


2019 - Visiting Santa’s Village at the community center in my home town stands out to me as a favorite group of memories this year. This was something we did every year for over 10 years, and the magic of it never got old.

It is amazing when a tradition is carried on for so many years. My brother, River and I grew up being taken to this village experience by my parents, and then we were able to take my sister, Cordelia on our own as teenagers years later. It was an incredible feeling being able to watch her excitement bloom as we passed through each room and got closer to meeting Santa; I remembered being in her shoes, and the innocence of a child at Christmas time is something I think we all have a soft spot for.

5. Favorite holiday candle scent?

2017 - Anything that smells like cookies or Christmas tree.


2019 - Christmas tree scent, is Heaven in a scent. Period.

6. Favorite holiday food recipe/recipe?

2017 - Catherine’s Pumpkin Bread or Dad’s Moose Poop Cookies


2019 - Dad’s Sausage Roll

Super simple and easy, and an amazing addition to a holiday breakfast! Pillsbury crescent rolls, cream cheese, ground sausage. I will drop the recipe online for you guys later, but just trust me on this one! Pair this with some orange juice at the dining room table, and I am a happy camper.

7. Favorite place to spend the holidays?

2017 - Home in New Hampshire.


2019 - Home in New Hampshire.

I love the familiarity of all that comes with being home for the holidays, and I have loved being able to share all of the family traditions I grew up doing with my fiancé as we have started our life together!

8. Favorite Christmas carol/song?

2017 - Carol of the Bells (Version from Home Alone) or Santa Clause is Coming to Town by Bruce Springsteen.


2019 - Carol of the Bells. Hands down.

9. Favorite gifts you have given?

2017 - Brit Floyd tickets to Dad and Donna - his expression was priceless.


2019 - Lets see if we can come up with a new favorite this year!

Please remember that no gift is too small or not good enough, and how artificial and meaningless material things can be vs. a more personalized gift! As I get older, my family and I focus less on material things, and more on memory making and sentimental gifts. Last year, we gifted my Dad and Step Mom as well as Bryer’s parents “travel brochures” to OUR house! We set it up like a brochure for a vacation and offered them a stay with us overnight, a night out, and dinner on us! I have even gifted writing pieces I have written about family members to those members on Christmas Day. Baking sweet treats are also a great gift! Get creative and let it come from the heart. After all, you know these people sometimes better than they know themselves!

10. Favorite gift you have received?

2017 - Annabel the baby doll.


2019 - My illustrated set of Harry Potter books. I had my eyes on those for FOREVER! Bryer knows me too well.

11. Favorite decoration you own?

2017 - The vintage mini Christmas tree my Aunt Leda handed down to me.


2019 - My Mom’s glass manger scene that inherited from my Nana.

12. Favorite Christmas book?

2017 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss or Jan Bretts Christmas treasury.


2019 - Jan Brett still comes in at my favorite this year!

My Mom always took the time to read with us at night, whether it was her reading to us, or us reading to her as we got older. I have very fond memories of snuggling up on the couch with my Mom to read some of the Jan Brett stories on cold winter nights. I encourage those of you with children to take the time to incorporate reading into your holiday routines; these moments stick with children for a lifetime, and there are SO many amazing Christmas reads out there for little ones. You could even make a day of it and spend some time tucked into the book store or libraries children’s section!


13. Favorite Vlogmas Channel to watch on Youtube?

Zoe Sugg’s Vlogmas videos have been something I look forward to every year for the last few years; whether she is super busy or just enjoying the coziness of the season in the house, she radiates a positive vibe that I can’t help but want to tune into every day!

14. Favorite Christmas cookie?

GINEGRBREAD. I have literally been checking the bakery down the street for gingerbread treats since... October! It’s something about the spices that I just can’t get enough of. I can’t wait to make some to share this Christmas.

15. Favorite reindeer?

Most would jump to Santa’s reindeer, but I love little Clarice. She is the sweetest.

To conclude Blogmas Day 2, I just want to say that I hope that no matter where you are spending the holidays this year, or who you are spending them with, that you are surrounded by all of your favorites. Everyone deserves that kind of happiness this time of year, and always, and I wish that for each of you!

xoxo Autumn